Our Approach

Our Approach

Bangladesh is one of the countries in Asia most vulnerable to climate change, as well as one of the most disasters prone. The flat topography, low-lying and climatic features, combined with its population density and socio-economic environment, make it highly susceptible to many natural hazards, including floods, droughts, cyclones and earthquakes.

Disaster Response

    • Rapid assessment
    • Relief goods distribution
    • Provide health care through medical camp in remote hard to reach area.
    • Provide referral services.


    • Disaster preparedness training
    • Community based Disaster Risk Management
    • Hub for DRR at district and national level.


    • The innovation mix or the 4Ps is a model that was developed by John Bessant and Joe Tidd. The tool is to discover what the innovation process can improve and bring to sustainability. The innovation mix of 4Ps are as follow:
      • Paradigm: How do we frame what we do?
      • Product: What do you offer?
      • Process: How do you create that offering?
      • Position: Where do we target the offering?
    • Setting up a platform at national level to support community based innovations.


    • Identify risk of heavy metal contamination with evidence based data.
    • Implementation of mitigation and or prevention measures including awareness program.


    • Sharing good practices at national and international conference.
    • Partnership with institution for research and publication.
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