We Work For

More than 80 % of the Bangladesh population is potentially exposed to floods, earthquakes and droughts, and more than 70 % to cyclones. On average, the country experiences severe tropical cyclone every three years, and about 25 % of the land mass is inundated with flood waters every year. Severe flooding occurs every 4-5 years and covers 60 % of the land mass.

We focus on building resilient community by the community in disaster prone areas with right based approach taking into consideration of gender equality and inclusivity of the community. The community is the first to be affected and also the first to response in disaster. Building community resiliency is utmost crucial.

CIS focus on developing resiliency in community by the community through collaboration with government agencies, NGO, INGO, international network and research institutes. The sharing and learning process will be most valuable to disseminate both locally and internationally through our network with international organizations.

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