Since the novel Corona virus emerged in 2019, COVID-19 has now reached 203 countries and territories globally affecting all walks of life. As of 2nd April 2020, the Government of Bangladesh has confirmed total of 56 confirmed cases, 25 recoveries, and 6 deaths in the Country.CIS is operating different awareness campaign including hanging stand banner and put it different areas where people mostly gather. Besides this CIS and A-Pad Bangladesh put hand washing zone different divisions at different places like hospital and informal settlement areas so that basic hygiene can be maintained. CIS and A-PAD Bangladesh with the help of its networking partners also distributing face masks and hand sanitizer to the vulnerable community. Besides they also distributed PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) to health Personals. All DCHT sub centers including all in Rohingya camp are providing 24/7 health care services as before.

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